Creditors Note

Update: 30 October 2014

Begbies Traynor have been now engaged as liquidators for Taste Tideswell CIC trading as Tideswell School of Food and will be handling all the affairs of the company closure.  In order for them to be able to consider any claim you may have against Taste Tideswell CIC which ran Tideswell School of Food we need a current address from you which will be passed onto Begbies Traynor.

Please email making sure the subject line of the email is: Liquidation Address.

We very much regret having to close Tideswell School of Food which has made a significant impact on the village of Tideswell and its community.  We also apologise for any upset and distress the closure has had on you

If you have any question regarding the liquidation please contact

Begbies Traynor
4th Floor
Leopold Street Wing
The Fountain Precinct
S1 2JA

0114 285 9500

Tideswell School of Food



Update 26-10-2014

Thank you for your patience while we are going through the tough job of winding up the Tideswell School of Food. We understand your frustration and can only apologise. We are a very small team of volunteer directors, and are giving up our very limited free time to try to ensure as fair an outcome of possible from this process.
We are selling off assets at the moment trying to raise as much money as we can to settle with our creditors. We had hoped to continue without appointing liquidators, as this will use up money that could otherwise have been used to pay our creditors, many of which include small local businesses and self-employed suppliers, but we are now being forced into taking this step.

Appointing liquidators will cost us several thousands of pounds, and will have to be guaranteed and paid for personally by the volunteer directors, who have given up their time free of charge to try to keep the School of Food going, and at no point have received any payments for the hours that they have spent.

Once more we can only apologise for your frustration but we have been feeling our way here trying to do the best by everyone from what is a very sad and unfortunate time.


The Directors
Tideswell School of Food



The Tideswell School of Food was a small business set up to support the village of Tideswell.  Like many new businesses cash flow has always been a challenge.  After a slow summer of trading, we found ourselves in a difficult position so, with a team of advisors, looked for ways, to bring cash into the business to resolve this problem through sponsorship or grant funding.

Unfortunately none of those proved viable and on Sunday 5th of October the Directors, after consulting with our accountant and other advisors took the decision to cease trading.  The website shop was immediately taken offline and we stopped taking phone bookings.  On Monday 6th we told that the staff that they were being made redundant with immediate effect.

Since then the Directors have been assessing what assets the business has and how we can best close the business down.  This takes time, and at this stage, it is impossible to say what we can and can’t do by way of refunds for customers who have booked courses or bought vouchers.

We fully understand that people are upset and angry; We are really sorry that this situation has arisen and suggest that customers contact their credit card company for a refund.   We can add nothing more at this stage.

A statement from our accountants – Taste Tideswell- To Whom it May Concern.